Dr. Reek...

Voted Madison Wisconsin's Favorite Chiropractic Doctor.

Has been providing comprehensive alternative and holistic care in Madison, Wisconsin since 1987

Began his career working in Madison, Wisconsin at a government-sponsored pilot program for GHC/Group Health Cooperative to determine the effectiveness of the HMO model.

Was the first of two chiropractic doctors in Madison, Wisconsin employed in an HMO medical model which combined chiropractic, neurology, orthopedics and internal medicine to help facilitate an integrated comprehensive model for patient treatment.

Continues to attend seminars by leading herbalist, integrative holistic medicine, orthopedic and neurological researchers throughout the United States. Dr. Reek says, "I have been able to educate and treat Madison patients for innovative new alternative procedures. The goal is to involve patients in the decision making process so they can make an educated decision about their condition. Patients will realize that if they take an active role in their health they receive better results, always. As new published research and integrative alternative medicine becomes available to the public, patients wish to consult with doctors who are evolving in their practice and not stagnant in the techniques and treatments they may have learned a generation ago. This is an important part of determining a doctor. Otherwise, we would all still be treated with less than ideal, old practices which lack the insight of our modern approach to holistic medicine. Our practice continues to evolve with insight into hormone and allergy profiles, herbal alternatives to failing body systems and glandular therapy to rebuild the body and help recovery from injuries. Patients continue to be more informed and benefit from a vital relationship".